Educational leader with 20 years of experience accomplishing strategic goals in distance education, higher education, and corporate environments through technology, education, and innovation. Experience in distance education, instructional technology and design, higher education leadership, operations, finance, and policy.

Dr. Berta provides a well rounded perspective to higher education organizations. He holds a BA in Organizational Psychology, MA in eEducation, and Ed.D. in Educational Leadership specializing in curriculum and instruction with specific research in distance education quality.

Areas of Research Interest:

  • Distance education
  • Quality online instructional design
  • Faculty development
  • Technology and education
  • New faculty experience
  • Mid-career faculty burnout
  • Interdisciplinary curricula and program development
  • Formative teaching evaluation

Dr. Berta believes that education can benefit from formative and recurring evaluation and improvement. His current work focuses on the continual improvement of teaching and learning. This includes the following activities:

  • Distance education design, delivery, and quality
  • Instructional design and technology consultation
  • Faculty development
  • Formative review of teaching
  • Group Instructional Feedback Technique (sometimes called SGID)
  • Peer review of teaching
  • Student ratings of instruction
  • Distance education faculty fellowship administration
  • New Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty orientations
  • Curricular mapping and review
  • Technology and classroom design

Outside of work and scholarship, you can find Mike enjoying time with his family. He enjoys a good hike and is currently tackling the Conservation Trail in New York State. Mike also enjoys tinkering with his amateur radio and he can be contacted by his callsign, W2MYK. Not least, Mike enjoys celebrating life with friends and family at various year-round activities from canning foods to holiday parties.